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Welcome to 520 D Love Florist

Formed in the modern days, 520 D Love Florist is an innovative florist located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As one of the floral retailers in Kuala Lumpur, our cutting-edge idea and modern concept have made us capable to offer a wide range of creative and exquisitely customized theme handpicked flower for any occasion.

Everyone in 520 D Love Florist is passionate and spend their heart and soul on taking care of our flower in order to deliver flowers that bring happiness and smiles in every customer. Our florist designers are inspired by nature, event and our own customer to bring you a memorable gift from your loved ones. We differentiate ourselves to continuous explore to bring our customer creative, warmth and fresh flower bouquet design.

If you are interested in any of our product, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to hear from you.

欢迎来到 520 D Love Florist

欢迎来到 520 D Love Florist

520 D Love Florist ,是一家位于马来西亚吉隆坡的创新花店。作为吉隆坡的花卉零售商之一,我们的前端和现代理念促使我们提供各种各样场合的创意和精心定制主题手工采摘鲜花。

520 D Love Florist 的每一个人都充满着热情并全心全意用花語为每一位顾客带来幸福和微笑。我们的花卉设计师灵感来于大自然,以及按照顧客想要表達的情意設計出合適的花束,為顾客只带来一份难忘的礼物。我们将不断地探索,为顾客带来创意、温馨和清新的花束设计。


38朵玫瑰花语——I LOVE YOU
三个词,八个字母:I  love  you!
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